$ About Me $


My name’s TechXero I also go by the handle DarkXero. Well I am just a G33k who recently got into the vast world of Linux. I am but a child in that area, so the road is still very long. I have learned so much yet so little. I wish to one day get rid of Windows never to boot into it again. That day is so close yet so far…

My OS Setup

This is my current setup. Image was taken a short while back but still the same nothing’s changed. It’s so awesome I love it. Anyway, am currently on ArcoLinux-B Plasma fully customized by myself. I used my own Calamares Config you will find under Projects

Above are my Hardware Specs. Yeah am rocking an nVidia 1080 with Linux.. I am team Green, but as soon as I can afford it will snatch an AMD RX 6800XT just coz I will soon be taking WinBlows outta my life for good… ;)

Blog Site

I also have a blog site where I post all types of Tech related stuff from time to time. I don’t post often, but when I do it’s useful stuff, and sometimes I post my opinion about various Tech whatever it may be.. To visit Click Here

Thanks for visiting my GitHub ;)

$ Software $

Tools I use

Below is a list of apps I use for certain tasks I feel are underrated. For example most peeps use VirtualBox for virtualization when there’s a better tool I will mention below, same for remote desktop, some use Remina others RealVNC when there is a way more user-friendly tool out there. I will add more as time goes by. It’s good to note that I use ArchLinux with KDE Plasma.

1- Kernel-based VM

More-Info & Guide

2- NoMachine RDP

More-Info & Homepage

Available on AUR for Arch Users

3- Free Download Manager

More-Info & Homepage

Available on AUR for Arch Users